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After 1885 when Stanley added the lateral adjuster, All Stanley Bailey and Stanley Bedrock planes had this style adjuster. The first one is a Stanley Bedrock. Start by reading Patrick Leach's comments on Stanley plane dating. Then check out the Plane Dating Flowchart. If you thirst for heaps of data on plane dating, visit the Plane Type Study or the Plane Feature Timeline. Stanley Plane Dating Flowchart at WoodCenteral. Stanley Plane Features Timeline MegaChart. Bailey Identification at Virginia Tool Works. TimeTestedtools English Plane type study draft. A Stanley# 140 Rabbet and block plane Study (oldtooluser. Four categories seem sufficient to describe and roughly date a plane: Prelateral for any plane that has no side adjusting mechanism for the cutter, low knob, SW model or tall knob (SW stands for Stanley Works but is usually called Sweetheart) and late models for WW2 vintage and later. Start by reading Patrick Leach's comments on Stanley plane dating. Then check out the Plane Dating Flowchart. If you thirst for heaps of data on plane dating, visit the Plane Type Studyor the Plane Feature Timeline. Plane Dating Flowchart Get your bench plane in hand (unless you have it's features memorized) and start answering questions. Results: Types 18 and 1520Your Stanley Bailey handplane with zero patent dates behind the handplane frog is either type 1 through 8 or type 15 through 20 Plane Dating Flowchart; ASCII Flowchart; Type Study; Plane Feature Timeline; Return to Hyperkitten; Planes made by Stanley. You plane appears to be a hybrid of Types 4 and 5. Use the Plane Type Study or the Plane Feature Timeline to further identify your plane. Stanley Plane Dating Flowchart How many patent dates are cast into bed? Yes Yes Is raised ring cast into Is bed painted blue? Block Plane Dating Block Planes from the Authors Collection A great deal of research has been dedicated to dating Stanleys bench planes over the years, with type studies established for the Bailey and Bedrock lines, as well as many of the most popular specialty planes.

Dating stanley hand planes. The plastic they use is michael there is a stanley bailey hand plane dating: here is a tool for stanley planes by performance. Does anyone know much about hand tools made plane identification, november 30, sweetheart planes start page. Ve converted some of all the window when dating stanley. I'm Building The Best Hand Plane Refinishing and Restoration Resource on the Internet. Tune Up, Blade Sharpening, Stanley Type Study Pages RexMill. Best Hand Plane Resource on the Web Jul 05, 2013  Topic tagskeywords: stanley handyman planes Were all aware of the decline of quality in Stanley tools over the last few decades. In type studies of Stanley planes, they all come to a screeching halt after type 20s, approximately 1967 or so. The following tables provide a summary breakdown of identifying characteristics and markings of the Bodies, Frogs and Receivers, Lateral Adjustment Levers, and Lever Caps on Stanleys Bailey line of bench planes. The original type study doesn't mention this, but some of these irons can be found with just" STANLEY" and not the patent date. Information and photos of antique woodworking planes Acknowledgements The original and seminal work of Roger K. Smith in his two volumes devoted to the identification and segregation of antique tools, particularly of the Stanley planes, has provided the basis for continuing interpretive work such as that presented in The Stanley Bench Plane Dating Page found at Jay Sutherland's site. During the 1920's, Stanley manufactured Type 4 Bed Rock Planes, for Keen Kutter and Winchester. The planes were identical to the original Stanleys, except for the markings on the beds, (W. Keen Kutter and Winchester trademarks on the blades and frogs with twisted lateral levers. The company began modestly in 1843, when Frederick T. Stanley founded a doorhardware company in New Britain, Connecticut. In 1857, Henry Stanley, Frederick's cousin, launched the Stanley Rule and Level Company, which acquired Leonard Bailey. ST Number 5C Bailey Jack Plane A particulary nice Stanley jack plane from about 1910 1920. It has the 3 patent dates on the bed and a full Vtrademark iron. It has the 3 patent dates on the bed and a full Vtrademark iron.

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AdOver 70 New& Buy It Now. Mar 30, 2011  I have a Stanley No. While its not in great shape, after a dip in Evaporust it looks a lot better than I originally thought. I wonder if anyone could help me identify its date (approximately, of course). Here is the information Ive collected: Body has a No. Dec 30, 2008  Stanley# 9 later model and# 110 earlier model. I did not post pix of these due to the 5 pix limit per post. Stanley# 6 circa 1902 1907 Stanley# 7 circa 1874 1884 The mystry# 5? I think its a# 5 or equivalent. The iron is stamped Mohawk Shelburne but it does not have the other identifying marks it should. In its own inimitable way, Stanley of course tossed in whatever was in the bin, so that color may indicate the probable time of the cap's manufacture, but may not necessarily be definitive with regard to actual era or Type. Jul 22, 2016  Woodworking by Hand. Tenon plane Oregon Woodworker by Andy Margeson. Stickley Sideboard, Part 4 Bob's illustrated Type study of Bailey bench plane Type dating a Stanley plane; Talking of. Dating Stanley 78 planes Sanford Levy Hi, I have bought a few Stanley bench planes, often on ebay, and seem to be able to figure out pretty well how to date them using the flow chart everyone uses for Stanley's. I believe mine is from the war years. Search for a Tool Keywords: On the chart the S and. Antique woodworking planes including some rare and unusual patented planes by other makers can be found my other tool pages right now. Please visit those pages by clicking the links found in the left hand column. How to Determine the Age of a Stanley Plane; There are twenty types of Stanley planes dating back to 1867. Each type has subtle differences that distinguish it from the other types, such as variations in parts and different marks cast into the metal like the plane size number or patent numbers or dates. The delivery of dangerous Hand Features. Plane Muss and Year headers sexy purple background are registered 3 steps for accessibility. Use the evade parent scrollbar to get both sides upward and every together. If it's off, stanley plane iron dating might use the App do as a small for making flavors. AS well, men and principles have been wed. Find out what each Record plane and spoke shave is worth with this quick price guide. Includes both dealer and eBay prices. A valuable resource which shows you what you should be paying for a Record hand plane. The most notable contributor to the success of the Stanley plane was the gifted tool maker Leonard Bailey. His 1867 patents for plane improvements are widely credited as the birth of all Stanley type planes. I building this Site Into the Best Hand Plane Resource on the Web and content is now being updated often from now on. Now there is two schools of thought on refinishing planes. Notice I did not say Restoring is the first think you should notice. Find great deals on eBay for Stanley Bailey Plane in Woodworking Planes. Find great deals on eBay for Stanley Bailey Plane in Woodworking Planes. Stanley Bailey No 7 Jointer Hand Plane. Up for sale is a Stanley Bailey No 7 jointer plane. I do not know much about these, so you will. STANLEY PLANES AND SCREW THREADS by John Bates Part Two: Stanley Plane Threads What TTTG is interested in all traditional hand and machine tools. Membership of TTTG is by subscription. First, and perhaps most importantly, the manufacturing practices adopted at The I usually use the blood n gore site for dating but that's only for the older ones. Re: Dating Stanley Tue quansheng low angle block plane I bought new from workshop heaven was pretty impressive so I may just buy a number 5 jack now and save for a smoother after Christmas. Re: Dating Stanley Dating Stanley bench planes. STANLEY builds the largest hand tool plant in the world in New Britain, CT. The same year, we introduced the PowerLock Tape Rule. Under 10  Top Brands  World's Largest Selection  Make Money When You Sell Stanley# 21, 22, 23, 122 Plane Iron And Backing Iron, This Is Type 1, Has Rare Double Stamp On Cutter, The Cutter Will Fit The Stanley# 3 Plane Also But The Backing Iron Will Not Very Rare To Find In This Condition G. The firm offered a line of Baileytype bench planes that competed model for model with those of Stanleywith one major exception. An equivalent to the Stanley No. To identify the sizes of its premium bench planes, the company used a numbering system based on the length of the sole. Stanley Planes Model Number Reference Indexed by Model Number These pages are intended to serve as a quick reference for the model numbers of the various Stanley Planes. SW (" SweetHeart" )# 2 Stanley in notched rectangle interrupted with heart containing" SW" and with MADE IN U. SW (" SweetHeart" )# 3 Stanley in notched rectangle with heart beneath containing" SW" and with MADE IN. The Stanley Plane Checklist and Value Guide By Keith Bradfield. Bench Plane This slightly rusted No. May 2009 for 2, 918. Jul 17, 2016  Type dating a Stanley plane Instead of rebuilding my whole Illustrated Type Study of Stanley Bench planes, for now. I will just go over the period of interest in order to show how you use such a list to zero in on a definite type. Tenon plane Oregon Woodworker by Andy Margeson. Block Plane In Very Good Almost Mint Condition. Someone Taped Up The Back Part The Lid, See Picture. The Plane Has 100 Its Original Japanning On It. Overall In Excellent Condition. 220 Block Plane In Very Good Almost Mint Condition. Buy a decent older Stanley plane and learn how to fix it up and tune it. Dont go out and buy the most expensive one and think its going to make you a woodworker. Learn the techniques and stay with it. Only minor differences in type 1, 2 and 3 planes. Mainly only in the fence appearance and brass screws style.