How Do I Hook Up My Promethean Board

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Connect a Laptop to Projector and SmartBoard/ActivBoard

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Click Apply and then OK. You MUST do this in order to save your changes. Connect your laptop to the SMART Board. Open SMART System Menu from Metro or by using the Search feature. Scroll down to the System Tray (bottom right corner) and click the Show Hidden Icons upward arrow. Once I unplug the USB cord going to Promethean board, it continues to boot up and everything works fine. I log in, and replug in the USB cored and it recognizes the device in Active Manager. I update the drive to the newest version 5. Activstudio 3 for Windows installed on your PC computer. Bluetooth boards have the Bluetooth emblem in the upper right hand corner of the board) 3. Computer connected via USB or serial connection to the Activboard. Connect to your Activboard to your PC via USB or serial. Simply press them to get your board to the desired height. The speakers are integrated into the sides of the board. To adjust the volume, adjust the knob on the dark gray section on the side of the boardNOT on the white box. Leave the volume on the white box all the way down. Can i connect my ps3 to a promethean board? Questions about a promethean board? I am trying to write a letter of explanation to the state board and dont know what to say. I am using an AppleTV box (a happened to have one I was not using) and using AirParrot2 software on the surface to connect to the AppleTV. The AppleTV needed an adapter to go from the HDMI output to the VGAXVGA cable that my Promethean boardprojector is using.

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Can i connect my ps3 to a promethean board? Questions about a promethean board? I am trying to write a letter of explanation to the state board and dont know what to say. The ActivPanel by Promethean is an Android based interactive flat panel whiteboard system utilizing the latest technology in the classroom. How to Hook Up a Promethean Smart Board: Computers: A Promethean board is a type of" smart" white board that has a high level of interactivity. Images from your computer are be displayed on the board, and a set of digital pens and erasers allow you to digitally" draw" on the projected image. Do all Promethean pens work on all Promethean hardware? The image is fine, but the cursor and the ActivPen are on opposite sides of the ActivBoard 1352 Why is the right click menu appearing when I am using my ActivPen. Home Tutorials Im Not Getting Any Sound From My Promethean Speakers. What Should Tutorials; Im Not Getting Any Sound From My Promethean Speakers. Dee Higgs Cable Connections for EVSC Promethean Board and Dell Desktop Computer VIDEO. I need to connect a macbook pro to a promethean white board? I misplaced the one that I got with the board and computer Asked. Promethean Documentation for Active Board v3 Denver Public Schools Promethean Documentation for the Activ Board v3 Created ( ) by Cordelia West and Erin Magley Page 6 of 6 Firmly tap the board and follow the bullet points as directed by the board. Once your board is calibrated, you are ready to launch your software and begin. If you touch the Promethean Pen to the board and see that the pen tip does not align with the arrow, the board needs to be calibrated. You can start the calibration process either from the board or using the software on your computer. Connect the other end to the iphone. Select Composite on the input selector on the smartboard. This only works if you want to play a movie downloaded from itunes etc.

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In D109, the Promethean tech support contact person is your building's Technology Coach. Troubleshooting Guides can be found on the D109 Collaborative Team Portal by clicking on 'Promethean Board and Flipcharts' in the 'Training Guides ' section of the ElementaryMiddle School Technology Resources page. Promethean Board Troubleshooting Guide 1. Promethean Board and see if this resets the Remember that your Internet won't work unless you connect to your laptop with your Ethernet cable (its normally blue or white with an end that looks similar to Select the device you want to calibrate. Device 1 is the board, Device 2 will only appear if you have a hub connected. Learn how to Calibrate Your Promethean Board. Join Sign In; EXPLORE Featured; How to Calibrate Your Promethean Board. How to Use the iPad with a SMART Board Connecting the iPad and SMART Board. Connect the VGA adapter to your iPad and then connect the VGA cable going to the SMART Board to the VGA adapter. Then power up the SMART Board projector to see the iPad screen on the whiteboard surface. Promethean Interactive Whiteboard. Unplug the USB plug that connects your board (the one coming out of the black tube from the board) to your computer. You do not have to turn anything off to do this. Many educators find the SMART Board difficult to set up, even more difficult to troubleshoot, and nearly impossible to use with any device that is not designed specifically with the SMART Board in mind. Connecting the Nintendo Wii to your SMART Board is almost as simple as connecting the Wii to a normal television. Connect the USB cable to the input on the side of the ActivBoard. Plug the other end of the USB cable into an available USB port on your computer. This will connect the two devices and turn on the ActivBoard. She supports teachers to integrate ActivClassroom technology in their classrooms and serves as the districts Promethean trainer. She also works with teachers in the areas of Google apps, Compass Learning Odyssey, itslearning, Symbaloo, Adobe video editing tools, and creates tutorial videos for the ICATS YouTube channel. Watch video  This course is going to explore the tools, and best practices, to use in a Promothean board in your classroom. We will briefly touch on the technical setup of a Promothean board, and then dive deeper into the software that makes it. This tutorial was done on Mac OS. Your computer is ready with your ActivInspire lesson. You look at the computer and see this: But when you turn on the projector aimed at your Promethean board, all you see is something like this (your computer's wallpaper and no programs, not even your dock). If youre looking for a way to use an mobile device to control your Promethean Board like I was, now there are many solutions. A remote desktop app not only works with your ActivInspire software, but essentially any software on your computer. I'm guessing it makes sense to someone), when you connect the devices, the speaker on your. Connect the other end to the iphone. Select Composite on the input selector on the smartboard. This only works if you want to play a movie downloaded from itunes etc. This short VoiceThread gives stepbystep instructions on how to connect. Promethean board to your computer. Promethean Board Sound want sound to come out of the speakers on your Promethean Board? First make sure the board has power and the speakers are. Why cant I calibrate my interactive board? When trying to calibrate, the first two Xs calibrate fine, but the next few Xs have disappeared. Added on Tue, Jul 14, 2009 Sometimes when you are using a pen on the promethean board, the cursor starts moving up and down, making haphazard lines similar to those seen on an ECG machine. In such cases, switching off the power to the board and resuming after a few seconds can help solve the problem. Calibrating the ActivBoard (At the board this works with both ActivStudio and ActivInspire on the PC, (If your pens are not responding this can be done from your computer using the computer mouse. If you use this method once the calibration program starts, move to the board and follow those instructions. More About Screen and Sound Recording. You can use the Screen Recording and Sound Recording tools while at the computer or at the board. If you are recording at your computer and it has a builtin microphone, no other equipment will be needed. Promethean Board Troubleshooting There are three cables connecting the computer and the wall plate; the computer monitor signal, EthernetUSB control. Q: How do I make the projection image fill my Promethean Board? A: If you rightclick on your desktop background, you can change your screen resolution. The best option for Y14 Tablets (Windows 7) and Promethean Boards is to choose a. How do I get rid of the filter warning message on my computer that ActivInspire is displaying? Added on Thu, Sep 2, 2010 I accidentally used a permanent marker on my ACTIV board. A Promethean Board is an interactive whiteboard onto which you can project images from a computer, tablet, or external camera. Incorporating a Promethean Board into your lessons will help you reach a new level of interactivity between your. Promethean Board: Lessons and Activities. Lesson; Quiz And if you can hook up your device to the Promethean ActivBoard, guess who else can? Promethean connect to cable tv. The back of my tv cable connector (the little metal thing sticking out has broken) is there any other way to connect the basic cable from my wall to t How do you connect cable tv to a promethean board? Connect promethean board to tv cable.