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With his cock pushed flat twisted on his back and his wings seemingly, as if double-jointed, he was nervous from behind a pyramid-shaped white.. The result is a place of power that is so effective that it is bringing more food than you can eat. It was a first winter Kittiwake, the first one I had ever seen in Extremadura and far from its usual winter habitat: the high seas.

  1. Look in the other direction, I could see a male little bustard jerking his head back to call it his courtship, while a small group of great bustard crossed the same field of view.
  2. Suddenly, we are where we should be in the middle of June: summer, clear skies and crisp dry blonded vegetation.

The country had, were gray and weather-beaten, deprived of hardly any growth in addition to resilient, sand crocuses, are once again green and spangles of daisies, marigolds and crucifers. Only a few meters away, a Wheatear on the route between the Sahel and the mountains of Central Europe, had also stopped. There is also a dedicated effort was to announce the presence, but in contrast to the unique performance of the great bustard, the Calandra ions of other species moved in with the sounds of a Repertoire of imitation, to impress.

The first recorded in Spain in the year 1979, it is widely used today in Extremadura.

  1. Couple this with digital photography, better optics, and access to quality information, the quality of the observations and the improvement of the qualifications of the observers, I’m sure, is also improving.
  2. It has been achieved, to check through some of the very considerable hard work, with the aim of not only records from the past couple of years, but after the above records from almost twenty years ago.
  3. The result was bitter: water resources re-established, mid-spring is likely to be species rich, but early-breeding birds, especially raptors, have a large hit the plant growth.

It had drawn in its values, noise, notice, throughout the four seasons of the year: all wrapped up in a continuous rhapsody. Types, the spaces in these wetter life tend to be more sing more in the season and later in the day. Rivers had stopped flowing last spring have brought back to life, with water thundering down runs your water. The next report will be published, sometime in the first quarter of 2019.and, without spoiling the end, I can tell you that there are some other fascinating discoveries. But something was the trigger for the female and she began to had to approach the man who held his strop, and his neck swelled up and jaw grew a beard. This pack of spider spoon duck is the creation of a vortex of currents under the water, to stirring enough, Yes, up the sediment on the bottom of the pool, bring it up in a spiral of the column within the range of the feeding of the ducks. 18% of the Odonata fauna is of tropical African origin, indicators of climate change. Significantly greater than that of a Reed Warbler, with colder brown upperparts, what immediately drew my attention was a large, broad orange bill.. The evidence of injured or dead birds found, suggests that corncrake (whose Spanish name means quail ‘ s guide) – pass the Extremadura at the same time and in the same life as the Migration of the quail.but a healthy, living corncrake never been a birder seen here. In places you have to be super-plentiful, crowds, crossing paths and roads, everything synchronized in one direction, to a mysterious cue. It was a medicine ball in both shape and colour: a rich red-brown with cream-buff V the creation of a gap in the middle. The thermal forces for the climb, you are now pulled by gravity, assisted by the wind shadow from the shape of the ball.

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Germany: Hamburg

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Records of birds, national rarities would require the adoption of a national rarities Committee, but what is perhaps most interesting would be the monitoring by the local Committee of the changes by the time of the status of scarce species in Extremadura. A good two weeks before the terrible drought broke and we had barely a day, if it has not rained. She made fleeting pecks the flowers in the spring, and was at best nonchalant in relation to the inflated man. But here, next to the river, the conversation was chat of Reed Warblers, the hard, harsh notes of Great Reed Warblers and the syrup-like flow to the sound of Golden Orioles. Also in the Extremadura, where the populations of larks and Corn Buntings appear to be still robust, my own notebooks bear witness to the collapse of species such as little bustard and Montagu’s Harrier. We observed how the great bustard in the display, and the fresh westerly breeze, shaking its angular range of white feathers. But since then, local bird observers have understood much better, both in its habitat (in General, riverine willows and scrub), their identification and phenology (the first at the end of April to come, but most do so in may). Shovelers feeding alone in the move, by simply plowing forward in a straight line or rotates in small circles. Grim faces are gone, and even the most dour of which is to increase the live out of the country, the promise of a spectacular spring. Plants have flowered later (our olives are still in bloom), are the fruits of several weeks later than normal.

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